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Case Results

Confidential Wrongful Death

Patient died on the operating table while undergoing routine surgery.

$5,500,000 Truck Accident

A female pedestrian was run over by a truck. She suffered permanent degloving injuries to her legs that have required multiple surgeries.

$3,450,000 Car Accident

A female driver was caused to strike a tree causing facial fractures.

$1,800,000 Wrongful Death

Vehicle crash with conscious pain and suffering before demise.

$1,750,000 Medical Malpractice

The case involved severe vascular injuries after a surgical error.

$1,700,000 Pedestrian Accident

Kindergarten student was struck by a motor vehicle after getting off a school bus.

$1,030,000 Car Accident

Female vehicle operator was struck in a collision with a commercial vehicle causing a cervical spine fracture.

$950,000 Truck Accident

A man was struck by a tractor trailer causing spine injuries resulting in multiple surgeries.

$800,000 Wrongful Death

Wrongful death case involving claims of negligent supervision causing to the plaintiff to die by suicide which would’ve been prevented.

$550,000 Slip & Fall Accident

Women tripped and fell over dangerous carpet condition at a national pizza chain. As a result she fell onto her face on the tile floor adjacent to the carpeted area and suffered facial injuries and a wrist fracture.

$545,000 Workers’ Compensation

Roofer injured in a fall due to dangerous crane operation causing spine injuries and ligament tears to the ankle.

$525,000 Car Accident

Person suffered exacerbations of pre-existing back and neck injuries requiring spine surgery after being rear-ended.

$500,000 Products Liability

Carpenter suffered a complex arm laceration after operating a defective power tool.

$500,000 Workers’ Compensation

Client suffered electrocution injury.

$500,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

NH woman involved in a motor vehicle crash sustained a comminuted tibia/fibula fracture requiring open reduction with internal fixation surgery.

$475,000 Medical Malpractice

The case involved an alleged unnecessary bilateral prophylactic mastectomy (BPM) that was performed without proper informed consent.

$450,000 Dram Shop Liability

Bar patron was overserved alcohol and struck a female pedestrian in the bar parking lot causing brain hemorrhaging.

$445,000 Slip & Fall Accident

Client sustained a serious arm injury requiring two surgeries on her wrist and one to release the ulnar nerve at her elbow after falling on some water in the aisle of a grocery store.

$400,000 Medical Malpractice

$400,000 verdict on behalf of a hard working HVAC repairman in a medical malpractice case brought in Rockingham Superior Court against Parkland Medical Center.

$400,000 Premises Liability

Female pedestrian tripped over a defective sidewalk curb causing her to strike her knee resulting in a ruptured patella tendon. The curb violated multiple building code provisions.

$400,000 Workers’ Compensation

Fall from a roof with closed head trauma and a back injury.

$400,000 Golf Cart Rollover

MA minor was thrown from an over-crowded golf cart being operated by an intoxicated individual. He suffered concussion, facial and nasal fractures, intracranial hemorrhaging, and partial ear detachment requiring surgery.

$325,000 Dog Bite

Client was delivering a package at a residence when attacked by a dog. Multiple facial lacerations, calf puncture wounds, facial scarring, post-traumatic stress disorder.

$325,000 Bad Faith Claim

Negligent handling by insurance company in the processing of workers’ compensation claim.

$300,000 Slip & Fall Accident

Client slipped and fell at a grocery store resulting in failed back syndrome due to a dangerous condition adjacent to a self-serve produce aisle.

$300,000 Personal Injury

Patron sustained facial injuries after being assaulted at a bar.

$300,000 Pedestrian Accident

Jogger struck by vehicle operator who was distracted causing a traumatic brain injury.

$300,000 Workers’ Compensation

Client injured low back lifting/moving packages.

$300,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Minor passenger in a vehicle involved in a serious crash with a telephone pole resulting in severe facial and head trauma including facial lacerations, closed head injury with subdural hematoma, TMJ and dental injuries. Minor passenger also sustained a fractured tibia-fibula requiring surgical repair.

$300,000 Dog Bite

VT minor suffered severe facial and bodily lacerations resulting in permanent scarring after being attacked by a dog in a friend’s home in NH.

$295,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Passenger ejected from vehicle during crash sustaining a skull fracture, closed head injury with subdural hematomas, traumatic anosmia, fractured finger, and punctured spleen.

$268,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Client was rear ended by a utility truck causing hip injuries.

$265,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Head On Collision with Closed Head Trauma.

$250,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

Client sustained torn rotator cuff in collision.

$250,000 Personal Injury/Auto Accident

Client injured neck in rear-end collision.

$250,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Client sustained a spine injury following a highway collision.

$250,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Passenger ejected from a vehicle during a crash sustained a fractured skull with a closed head injury.

$250,000 Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Collision

MA woman was struck by a car while crossing the street causing her to suffer facial fractures, fibula fracture and require surgery.

$250,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

NH man was rear-ended while stopped at a red light. He suffered an aggravation of a recent carpel tunnel surgery and exacerbation of preexisting degenerative disc disease. He required corrective carpal tunnel surgery and spinal discectomy and fusion surgery.

$235,000 Motorcycle Collision

MA man involved in a motorcycle crash in Seabrook, NH, suffered broken ribs and shoulder injuries requiring surgery.

$225,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

Out of state student client sustained facial scarring after MVA.

$225,000 Personal Injury/Slip & Fall

Client suffered right arm fracture.

$200,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

A husband and wife suffered multiple broken bones requiring surgery after being struck by a drunk driver.

$190,000 Motor Vehicle / Boat Collision

ME woman was injured by a boat that came loose from its trailer, causing a collision with the vehicle in which the woman was a passenger. She suffered a hip labral tear and required surgery.

$142,500 Motor Vehicle Collision

NH man suffered carpel injuries in both hands requiring surgery after being rear-ended.

$125,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

NH woman suffered a vertebral disc herniation and nerve damage requiring microdiscectomy surgery after being rear-ended while waiting at a stop light.

$120,000 Slip & Fall

NH woman suffered a fractured ankle requiring surgery after slipping and falling on an untreated snow and ice-covered driveway in her apartment complex.

$100,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

Woman suffered a fractured coccyx when she crashed into another driver who negligently backed out of a driveway into oncoming traffic.

$100,000 Moped Collision

MA man operating his moped in Boston was t-boned when a driver attempted to take a left turn into a parking lot across his lane of travel. As a result, he suffered a broken ankle, wrist, and ribs that required surgery.

$100,000 Motor Vehicle Collision

MA man was rear-ended while sitting in traffic on Rt. 95, in NH, causing him to suffer a concussion and an abdominal hernia from his seatbelt.

Client Reviews

Professional and Empathetic Approach. I cannot say enough nice things about attorney Matthew Maalouf and his dedicated team at the Granite Law Group. My teenage son was involved in an accident that left him...


I Would Definitely Recommend Them. If someone I cared for was going to be going through something like this I would definitely recommend Injury Law Center as your first point of reference. My case went on for a...


Professional, Timely and Explained Things Clearly. I am so grateful to Matthew Maalouf and his paralegal Jazmin Rivera for their thorough and effective work on my case. Matt was professional, timely and...


Joe Stayed the Course. I had a car accident that affected my business and my ability to deal with insurance companies was very difficult. Joe stayed the course and we were offered very fair compensation. I...

Matt Morello

Joseph Russo was awesome. I would recommend coming back if something happened again.


The Customer Service Received was Remarkable. Attorney Russo is an incredibly strong advocate for the injured. He is professional, thorough, driven and extremely compassionate when it comes to his clients...


One Word Describes Attorney Joe Russo and His Staff and That is WOW!. Really good lawyers are hard to find, especially in N.H. One word describes Attorney Joe Russo and his staff. and that is WOW! He was always...

Chris T.

They Gave Me a Peace of Mind. After my accident I was in so much pain and so confused that I didn’t know where to go, so I contacted the Injury Law Center. Joe would sit and he would listen and talk to me and...

Deb Brosnan
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