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January 6th Wrongful Death Claims Dismissed
Granite Law Group

A federal judge recently dismissed three out of five civil claims in a wrongful death suit brought against President Donald Trump and two Capitol Hill rioters in the purported insurrection. The suit was in connection with the death of a US Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick during the January 6th protests. Officer Sicknick, who was…

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BlendJet 2 Product Recall
Granite Law Group

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission has reported a recent recall. Specifically, BlendJet has voluntarily recalled 4.8 million of their portable BlendJet 2 blenders due to safety issues. Specifically, there have been 329 reports of the blades breaking while in use according to Fox News. BlendJet recalls 4.8M blenders over broken blades, overheating issues…

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Fatal Car Crashes Before the Holidays
Granite Law Group

Our team of New Hampshire car accident lawyers and wrongful death lawyers report that there were two recent fatal car crashes in New Hampshire in the days leading up to Christmas. The holidays are filled with excitement and cheer. Sometimes, however, the holidays are also filled with driving while intoxicated and being distracted. It is…

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Nashua Personal Injury Attorneys Sponsor Winter Holiday Stroll
Granite Law Group

Nashua personal injury attorneys helped spread the holiday cheer. On November 25, 2023, thousands celebrated Nashua’s 28th annual Winter Holiday Stroll amid a festive atmosphere. Granite Law Group, PLLC, a New Hampshire personal injury law firm, notably sponsored the event this year. Their sponsorship of this beloved community event is a shining example of their…

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4 – Ask a Car Accident Lawyer
Granite Law Group

The car accident lawyer collects all the medical records and bills when the client is done treating. Then he will draft a demand package to submit to the BI adjuster. The car accident attorney has a conference with the client before the demand is submitted. The discuss will include the case value, client expectations, and…

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3 – Ask a Car Accident Lawyer
Granite Law Group

Your car accident lawyer will mail a notice of representation to the other driver’s insurance company. This will trigger them to set up a bodily injury (BI) claim. The BI claim is different than the property damage claim. The BI is not responsible for paying for your medical expenses until it is time to settle.…

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2- Ask a Car Accident Lawyer
Granite Law Group

According to our team of car accident lawyers, the police are going to ask you if you need an ambulance. You should request an ambulance. This will be your first opportunity to create a paper trail of what your injuries are. Also, when the insurance adjuster evaluates your claim, they give your injuries more weigh…

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Professional and Empathetic Approach. I cannot say enough nice things about attorney Matthew Maalouf and his dedicated team at the Granite Law Group. My teenage son was involved in an accident that left him...


I Would Definitely Recommend Them. If someone I cared for was going to be going through something like this I would definitely recommend Injury Law Center as your first point of reference. My case went on for a...


Professional, Timely and Explained Things Clearly. I am so grateful to Matthew Maalouf and his paralegal Jazmin Rivera for their thorough and effective work on my case. Matt was professional, timely and...


Joe Stayed the Course. I had a car accident that affected my business and my ability to deal with insurance companies was very difficult. Joe stayed the course and we were offered very fair compensation. I...

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Joseph Russo was awesome. I would recommend coming back if something happened again.


The Customer Service Received was Remarkable. Attorney Russo is an incredibly strong advocate for the injured. He is professional, thorough, driven and extremely compassionate when it comes to his clients...


One Word Describes Attorney Joe Russo and His Staff and That is WOW!. Really good lawyers are hard to find, especially in N.H. One word describes Attorney Joe Russo and his staff. and that is WOW! He was always...

Chris T.

They Gave Me a Peace of Mind. After my accident I was in so much pain and so confused that I didn’t know where to go, so I contacted the Injury Law Center. Joe would sit and he would listen and talk to me and...

Deb Brosnan
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